live-love-coffee: "Hey sweety 💕 I really love ur blog, it's flawless 🌸 Can u plz follow back? 😘"

sorry i don’t follow by requests as stated in my faq. x

a-dorabelle: "When you find it in your ask, share 5 facts about yourself and then pass it to their ten favorite followers ❤"

ooo thank you michelle c: <3

sorry if i already wrote these before guys: 

  • i’m a student nurse - going on clinical placement in a few months omg ;o;
  • i prefer staying in and watching tv shows/movies whilst eating pizza with the person i like, than go out to a restaurant or somewhere on dates 
  • i’m more of a tea person - don’t really like coffee
  • i put others first before myself. 
  • i have not been to the cinemas in over a year 

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