glitterr-gold: "Happy birthday Love!!"

thank you gorgeous! x

vibrantlux: "Happy birthday bae! I adore your blog! ^.^ xx"

thank you mette, likewise! <33 x

blessedclover: "Happy birthday dear!!! :D"

Thank you lovely x

luxuringly: "Happy birthday! ❤❤❤"

Thank you :) x

paris-catwalk: "Happy birthday!! <3"

Thank you! c:

luxuryblush: "happy birthday, I hope you have a great day!❤"

I have and thank you! :) x

laced-bows: "HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!!"

Thank you Faith!

Anonymous: "Happy birthday♡♡ have a swell day☆☆☆"

Thank you sweet anon and I have :) x

flashb-cks: "Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one :D"

Thank you beautiful! :) x

blissful-glam: "happy birthday! hope you are having a great day ^^"

Thank you gorgeous! xx

luxuriousingly: "HAPPY 18TH BIRFFDAYYY!!!! You have one of the BEST light lux blogs out there, and your edits are amazing!! <3"

Aw thank you Kat!

luxury-rose: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAL! I hope you spend a beautiful day, you deserve it!♥"


adorediior: "Happy birthday Dalena!!!! I hope you have an amazing day because you truly deserve it. You're so sweet and nice to everyone and you only should get the best. Love youu <3"

Aww omg thank you Beatriz! This is so sweet. Thank you!!

whitebrilliance: "Happy birthday! I wish you another year of good luck, love, health, and happiness :)"

Thank you Sharu! c: x

croissantsandlattes: "Happy birthday!! :)"

Thank you! :)

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